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(Turntables - Digital)

The TEAC LP-R660-PB is a full audio – and dubbing – a system complete with turntable, CD recorder, cassette player, computer interface, and AM/FM tuner. Drop your record on the three-speed turntable, place a blank audio CD-R or CD-RW in the CD drive and hit record – transferring your music collection into a digital, portable format couldn't be simpler! In addition to CD recording, the LP-R660-PB also features a built-in cassette player and an AM/FM tuner. And lastly, a pair of built-in speakers makes it the perfect desktop music system for home or office.
Record albums, CDs radio or cassette to your Mac or Windows software, and add the files to your music library to bring along anywhere. For recording or just listening to your vinyl collection, there's no simpler choice than the TEAC LP-R660-PB.

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Allows Easy Recording of Records, Cassettes, Radio, and Auxiliary Audio Input to CD-R/RW

LP-R660-PB incorporates easy-to-use CD recorder for CD burning from vinyl records including 78 rpm SP, cassette tapes, AM/FM stations, and external hi-fi units via AUX input. LP-R660-PB is compatible with CD-R for Audio and CD-RW for Audio discs which are industry-standard. Once you burn your analog libraries onto CD, you will be able to enjoy them by car or boombox.

Automatic or manual setting of track numbers when recording to CD

The Auto Track Increment function divides side-A or side-B into individual tracks by checking a track gap on vinyl records and cassette tapes, and user-selectable threshold levels define correct track gaps even on noisy old records.The Manual Track Increment function allows you to divide tracks by checking your ears.

Record LPs, Cds, Radio, and Cassettes to Pc via a USB Connection - LP-R660USB-PB

In addition to recording to CD-R/RW, the LP-R660-PB is also able to record analog records, cassettes, and AM/FM radio to a PC via a USB cable which is included. Level control volume allows you to adjust and optimize recording level which varies analog sources like old vinyl records and tapes. Once you record your analog libraries on PC, our free software TEAC Hi-Res Editor for Windows/Mac allows you to divide one single digital audio file (side-A or side-B) into individual tracks by checking waveforms, and convert file format for playback devices like Smartphone or portable audio player.

3.5 W + 3.5 W Amplifier and Bass-reflex Type Stereo Speakers Designed for Music - LP-R660USB-PB

Accommodating high-quality speaker unit settled in an individual speaker box with the bass-flex port to boost low frequencies, the LP-R660-PB is ideal for listening to vinyl records, tapes CDs, radio stations and external hi-fi units via AUX input.

RCA Pin Jack Input/output for Connecting Existing Audio Player Equipment - LP-R660USB-PB

Conventional RCA pin jack auxiliary input/output terminals let you easily connect other audio devices.

3-speed Analog Turntable With Auto-return Feature - LP-R660USB-PB

Luxurious piano black finish cabinet brings an elegant moment of listening to old vinyl records, including LP and EP records even 78 rpm SP records. The auto-return feature automatically returns the tone arm when the record has finished playing.

Bright, Easy-to-read LCD Display - LP-R660USB-PB

A high-contrast LCD displays all necessary information for CD recording, including high-precision level meter.

Dedicated Buttons for Frequently Used Functions Ensure Ease-of-use - LP-R660USB-PB

Operation keys on both main unit and remote control are easy-to-understand and navigate you step-by-step operation for CD recording from setting to finalizing.

Remote Control Provided Standard to Control Functions at a Distance From the Unit - LP-R660USB-PB

An easy-to-use remote control is included.

IMPORTANT: Images may not reflect actual product.
Digital transfer Yes
Removable stylus Yes
33.3 rpm Playback Yes
45 rpm Playback Yes
78 rpm Playback Yes
RCA input Yes
RCA outputs Yes
Dust cover Yes
Additional Information • 2 x 2"-3/4 Full Range Cone speakers
• LCD Display with Backlight
• MP3/WMA/PCM Recording on PC/Mac
• Headphone output (Stereomini)
• Each Stylus should last 50 hours when used properly (Replacement Stylus are sold seperatly)
Supplied accessories/software • Owner’s manual × 1
• Warranty card × 1
• Quick Start Guide for recording × 1
• 45 RPM adaptor × 1
• Remote control unit (RC-1258) × 1
• Battery (AA, alkaline or MN) × 2
• FM antenna × 1
• AM antenna × 1
• Turntable cover × 1
• Hinge × 2
• Stereo RCA pin cable × 1
Width 18.5 inch(es) / 47 cm
Height 9.06 inch(es) / 23 cm
Depth 15.35 inch(es) / 39 cm
Weight 24.25 lb(s) / 11 kg

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