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ElectroMotion ESL X (B)
(Home Speakers - Floorstanding Speakers)

Equipped with a larger XStat™ electrostatic transducer than the EM-ESL, the EM-ESL X has a radiating area over 50in2 larger. Twin 8-inch high-excursion woofers are housed in a surprisingly small, non-resonant asymmetrical bass reflex ported chamber. Dual audiophilegrade, doped-fiber cone woofers, custom designed by MartinLogan's in-house design and engineering team, optimize cone suspension and the magnetic flux field to produce big bass output with vanishingly low distortion.

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CLS™ XStat™ Transducer

One of MartinLogan's original breakthroughs, CLS™ (Curvilinear Line Source) technology, has been an essential ingredient of every electrostatic loudspeaker we've produced—and the ElectroMotion ESL is no exception. Proprietary manufacturing methods enable construction of electrostatic panels as cylindrical sections. Their gentle horizontal curvature solves the problem of obtaining good high-frequency dispersion from a large radiating surface without compromising overall sound quality or reliability.

Superb Bass Integration

To seamlessly blend audio output from the high- and mid-frequency electrostatic panel to the low-frequency woofer the ElectroMotion ESL features a proprietary Vojtko™ topology filter utilizing custom air core coil and low DCR steel laminate inductors, polyester film capacitors in series, and low DF electrolytic capacitors in parallel.

Premium Connections, Solid Adjustable Footing

Custom 5-way bi-wire binding posts allow for secure wire connections. The EM-ESL X is supplied with sturdy, 3/8-16 ETC™ spikes, which can be used to fine tune vertical wave launch, enhance stability on thick carpets, and create tighter coupling between speaker and floor to provide a tighter and detailed bass performance. Each spike is conveniently covered by removable rubber end caps if you prefer not to use spikes.

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Speaker type Indoor
Color Black
Number of drivers 3
Frequency response 41 Hz - 22,000 Hz
Sensitivity 91 dB/2.83 volts/meter
Amplifier recommended range 20 watts - 400 watts
Impedance 6 Ohms
Additional information • The specially developed ElectroMotion XStat MicroPerf electrostatic panel is housed using AirFrame™ Technology
• A unique XStat™ transducer was developed for the ElectroMotion Series to reduce the gauge thickness of the electrostatic panel's steel stators. The reduced gauge does not alter the performance characteristics of the panel.
High-frequency drivers XStat™ CLS™ electrostaic transducer
Midrange drivers Two 8" (20.3 cm) high excursion, high-rigidity paper cones with extended throw driver assembly, non-resonance asymmetrical chamber format, bass reflex
Crossover 400 Hz
Width 9.4 inch(es) / 23.88 cm
Height 59.2 inch(es) / 150.37 cm
Depth 20.7 inch(es) / 52.58 cm
Weight 23.59 kg (each)

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