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88 years is a long time to be in business. There is only one way you can stay in business that long and that is by changing with the times and staying on top of what really matters.

To East Hamilton radio, what really matters is ensuring all of our customers are looked after in such a way they feel comfortable coming back for their next electronics purchase. As the electronic needs of our customers have changed we have changed with them. Delivering premium electronics with the experience to install them and give you the customer the ability to use them simply is what we do best.

Having a company there for you after your purchase is something East Hamilton Radio has built their reputation on and will continue to offer going forward. The ever changing world of electronics brings a world of new possibilities and our job is to inform you of new solutions and opportunities to improve your home entertainment experience.

At East Hamilton Radio you can be sure you are getting the Latest Technology at a great price with the comfort of knowing we are here for you when you need us.





Nothing beats being outside on a warrm sunny day. Wouldn't it be great to be able to watch your favorite sports or tv shows out on the deck, or by the pool. Sunbrite all weather TV's make that all possible.
SunBrite TV engineers and manufacturs award winning television and displays built specifically for outdoor use. SunBrite TV developed the industry's first all weather TV in 2004 and its products have been time-tested in home installations, outdoor sports arenas, restaurants, hotels, amusement parks and airports.
SunBrite TV's feature weatherproofing technology that completely resists rain, snow, humidity, and corrosion. All modles are engineered to withstand temperatures well below freezing as well as intense sun and heat.
When mounted outside, SunBrite TV's outlast, outperform and are safer than standard televisions thanks to rustproof cabinets and powder-coated aluminum exteriors, which prevent natural environmental damage. SunBrite TV's balanced and crisp colours, anti-glare screens and optimized brightness, allows outdoor viewing at any time day or night.
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In Home Consultation

If you are unsure what electronics will work in your home environment, EHR has a solution. The in-home consultation allows our fully trained staff to see your space and make suggestions on the many options and solutions available today. It is as easy as going on line to our very informative web site, calling the store or coming to our show room. We can book a time convenient for you to have one of our professionals to come out to your home. The benefits can be massive. Our staff can offer product solutions you may not know exist and installation solutions that will save time and money. 

Planning a room or whole home integration system we can help. In fact getting us involved in the early stages can really make a difference in the end result. We can assist in the design  or take a lead in the design stage. What ever works best for you.

We take pride in the end result and exceeding your expectations of your new entertainment system. Let us make integrating your next electronic purchase seamless into your lifestyle.

Delivery & Setup

Unlike the big box stores who simply drop off your new HDTV purchase at your front door, e.h.r. will un-package and set it up for you. We will also setup any of your existing equipment to your new Television, with a lesson of how-to operate the product to follow. We will then dispose of any packaging for your convenience.

We can mount your TV on the wall and hide all wires

Our Basic Television Mounting service is a great way to make space in your living room! We will do all the hard work, so you can relax and enjoy your purchase.  With this service our technician will wall mount your HDTV with your existing wall mount, hook up all your components, perform a simple tv and video setup and provide a "how-to operate" lesson as well.

* it is expected the components will be stored directly underneath the TV, not along another wall or in another room

Media Room & Whole Home Innovation & Installation

Our custom installation team will fully design and plan your dream system personalized to you. We will do a full room or home design and layout with the option of  3D models that can serve as a guideline for a DIY project or for your professional contractor. The expertise of our custom installation team will be able to help you choose what products are best for your design. We can integrate many different components into your personalized design including:

Lighting design & integration including placement and control, Home Audio and Video system design, Control planning using professional grade wireless, in-wall control or tablets, Complete home automation design and control planning including AV distribution, lighting, AVAC and surveillance, Equipment storage and placement including out of site storage, control and thermal regulating and much more...

Custom Home Theaters

Bring the theatre home with you!  You love the larger then life picture, the incredible sound and even the look and feel? Well the skies the limit..   We will help you design, create and build your room from ground up.  Room accoustics, speaker location, choice of product, lighting control, screen size and type, theatre seats are just a few choices to consider. Plus if you are not the "do-it-yourself" type, we will do it for you.  Completely install, calibrate, and automate your Custom Theatre for you.



We all have an idea of how "easy" our home entertainment system should be to operate!  It should be simple and do everything we want it to, every time. 

The problem is every product has its own unique remote and is setup to operate as a stand-alone unit. A system generally consists of three to four units per room. Some systems span across the entire home.  Now come the questions..  Is everything turned on?  Are they on the correct input?  Which remote changes the station?  Which remote controls the volume?  and on and on..

At East Hamilton Radio, we understand the easier your entertainment is to use the more you will "LOVE IT".  Our team will work with you to simplify operation down to one button. So easy anyone in your home can use it guaranteed.

We can professionally calibrate your TV

Is your HDTV or projector performing to its max? If not, think of it this way: "Would you buy a grand piano and not have it tuned?"

Most displays are set to special colour and lighting modes to compensate for the fluorescent lights in retail environments. However, these levels don’t look the same when you get them out of the box at home.

We believe that you deserve to get the very best out of your HDTV or projector and that is why we are proud to offer you a THX Certified Professional Video Calibration service. Our technician is a THX trained Video Professional and is equipped with professional grade calibration equipment that can help get the last ounce of performance from your TV or projector.

Service Overview

At our store, our first principle is to take care of you, our customer. Our trained personel can detail for  you the services we offer and help make your ownership experience even more enjoyable.






Whether it's background music for a store, a projector for your conference room, or fully equipping your sports bar EHR does it all. Let our expert staff help you with planning, logistics and installation of your commercial needs. We have access to premium brands like TOA, Yamaha, Klipsch commercial, Paradigm CI pro, Sonance, Control 4, and Epson commercial to name a few. Contact us to arrange an onsite consultation, or drop by and speak with one of our experts in store.

A receiver might not be the best choice

A receiver may be suitable for running a couple pairs of speakers, but that might not be ideal when running a system with a lot of speakers and long wire runs. When connecting multiple speakers to a stereo receiver the impedance will drop to a load that the receiver may not be able to safely handle. In this case a 70 volt commercial system would be a better solution. 70 volt systems can run multiple speakers, are easy to expand and not subject to imedance issues. Contact us to arrange an onsite consultation to see how a 70 volt system might be the ideal solution for your business.

Simplified Control is an inegral part of a commercial system

Time is money, and you need your commercial sytem to be easy for your staff to operate. Control 4 offers a suite of simplified control solutions for your business


  • Compatible in new & older buildings
  • Scalable—start small and add more as inspired
  • Easy to install, no reconstruction required
  • Simple to use—like from your iPad!
  • Cost effective and affordable






Your home is your castle. Every detail has been chosen to express your individual style. Bring your home to life with the power of music and the excitement of home theatre.  From built in speakers to TV's  that disappear behind a piece of art, our custom designers can create a system for you that is both impactful and visually pleasing.




East Hamilton Radio has been servicing the Greater Hamilton area's electronic sales store needs for 88 years. E.H.R. has always partnered with strong electronics brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, Paradigm, Klipsch, Onkyo, Martin Logan, Bose, Control 4, RTI, Sonance, Nuvo, Epson, Sonos, Yamaha, Cambridge, Pioneer, LG and many more. Those strong relationships and a long-standing dedication to customer service is what the E.H.R experience is all about. We have a wide selection of Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones, flat screen Smart TVs for sale, from LED, 4K to SUHD, QLED TVs and OLED TVs. We also have Marine Audio Speakers and Car audio/video equipment, alarms, and remote car starters, to home automation, audio/video entertainment, home theatre systems and even vinyl record albums & vinyl DJ turntables. As one of the largest Hi-Fi and electronics stores in Hamilton Ontario, East Hamilton Radio has the experienced staff to ensure your satisfaction. We also offer Custom AV Installation Services, including television installation services, tv wall mount installation, and home theatre installation!